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Columbia Brake Repair and Service

At Brown Motor Works, located right here in Columbia, brake repair is something our expert technicians are happy to take care of for you. The brake system is extremely important and must be kept well maintained so your vehicle can stop at even a split second’s notice, protecting you and your passengers. Whether you need a replacement of the brake pads and rotors, you need regular brake maintenance services like a brake system flush, or you require an inspection to pinpoint the brake issue, our technicians can handle it all. If your brakes are squealing, shaking or generally feel “off,” do not hesitate to have the brake system inspected. These symptoms could be cause by a number of issues, from a brake fluid leak to brake pads and rotors which need servicing. Let our technicians help you resolve your brake issues and get you safely back on the road.

If you drive a BMW, Mercedes, Volvo or MINI and you require brake service, our technicians are specialists when it comes to these vehicles. If you are looking for a shop you can trust that knows your European vehicle inside and out, choose the experts at our Columbia auto repair shop. Brown Motors Works is truly the best choice when it comes to brake repairs and services for BMWs, Mercedes, Volvos and MINIs. Call us to make an appointment for your next brake repair or service today.