• New Year’s Resolutions For Your Car

    Posted on 01, January, 2018

    Brown Motor Works wishes you and yours a very Happy New Year. The holidays have come and gone, so it’s back to the grind. We’ve made several 2018 New Year resolutions to improve our daily routines, even if that means giving up some of our favorite bad habits.


    This year, why not take those New Year resolutions a step further? We invite you to include your vehicle in your pursuit of good habits. To help you take better care of your vehicle, here are some ideas for you and your car:


    Set service appointments in advance Call Browns Motor Works and schedule your maintenance for the year. Think of it like dental checkups. Most of us go twice a year, and our appointments are scheduled way in advance, so we don’t have to worry about keeping up.

    1. Keep your car cleaner this year. Resolve to keep your car clean on the inside and out, including fluids and filters.
    2. Start a vehicle savings account. Set aside a percentage each month to deposit into a separate account. Having dedicated funds for auto repair will ensure your vehicles regular maintenance is not overlooked, and help to ease the sting of a “not-so-regular” maintenance visit.
    3. Put the phone down and make this New Year a safe one. Without the electronic distraction, this will give you the power of being aware and help keep you from making costly mistakes. Your family will thank you for it.
    4. Go for a long drive with your family. Go ahead you’ve earned it! You have kept up with those maintenance appointments, kept it clean, and now your vehicle has a bank account of its own! We believe your car is ready for a nice road trip, so go and enjoy yourself.

    Contact Brown Motor Works today, or stop by our shop at 520 Clemson Rd., Columbia, SC 29229. For best service, schedule an appointment online. We specialize in BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Mini Cooper vehicles. Let Brown Motor Works take the worry out of winter driving. You'll be glad you did.

  • How to Protect Your Car in Cold Weather

    Posted on 18, December, 2017

    It’s winter, and that means a change in road conditions. Are you and your vehicle ready? Brown Motor Works in Columbia, SC, offers this cold weather vehicle safety checklist:

    • Tire Tread: Be sure you have the proper tires for the weather and be sure they’re correctly inflated. If you live in higher elevations, you may want to consider installing snow tires.
    • Belts and Hoses: Harsh weather, coupled with normal wear and tear, can make belts and hose brittle causing them to crack and break. Be sure their flexible and are not leaking.
    • Oil and other Fluids: Your Vehicle is full of fluid. These fluids include engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid and others that may need to be refilled or replaced to keep you up and running. For example, engines need different weights of motor oil in the winter. Be sure to have yours professionally checked to protect your engine from the cold.
    • Brakes: Be sure your brake pads and rotors are in tip-top condition and while you’re at it, have your FWD system checked, too.
    • Suspension: Your suspension affects your steering and ensures your vehicle goes in the direction you turn. Faulty suspension, especially in snow and ice could cause you to crash into a snowbank or worse yet, another vehicle.
    • Headlamps: Be sure your headlamps are bright, shiny and properly aligned. If you can’t see it, you can’t avoid hitting it. Sounds simple, but it’s true.

    The best way to ensure your vehicle is ready for the cold weather is to take it to Brown Motor Works for a comprehensive preventative maintenance inspection. We’ll give it a complete bumper-to-bumper inspection, let you know what we find and, with your permission, fix it before it becomes a major issue.


    Call us at 803-788-7028, stop by our shop at 520 Clemson Rd., Columbia, SC 29229 or schedule an appointment online. We specialize in BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Mini Coopers.

    Come see us and let Brown Motor Works take the worry out of winter driving.