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What the history of BMW tells us about the Future

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash


BMW has established itself as one of the most forward-thinking car brands in the world. With sales going through the roof, the company has plenty of space to cook up new ways to reassert its dominance in the market. Innovation and technological advancement are coming, and looking back at BMW’s history, we can see that they may be ready to take another big step forward. 


What we’re focused on today is their 100 Year Vision, the Bavarian Motor Works manifesto for the next 100 years of automotive creation. The vision, in a nutshell, is to create a line of individualized and connected driving experiences where the vehicle is getting smarter, better, faster (maybe cheaper) as it gets older and more accustomed to the driver. 


Crazy, right? Imagine a world where your car is like your (actual) best friend, the one that knows EVERYTHING about you-- learning from you over time. In our opinion, given BMW’s history of innovation and their relentless drive to create engineering masterpieces, BMW will focus on manufacturing cars that are:


  1. Better than what Tesla can produce. This goes beyond being faster, more intelligent, more efficient-- this is about being more open to the driver’s needs. Tesla cars are famous for being tied to their four-year warranty. BMW will likely open up the option of working with independent local garages to give consumers a choice besides their dealership.

  2. Aesthetically Beautiful, from the inside and the outside. Of course, this isn’t news. Rarely has a BMW been characterized as awkward. The trend of beautiful, elegant sedans, sports cars, and SUVs will continue.

  3. Electric. With Volvo throwing down the gauntlet to be an all-electric brand, the future is now, and BMW knows it must act quickly or be left behind.

  4. Connected to everything. When you step into your BMW of the future, it will synch into all aspects of your life: your phone, your home computer, your work calendar, your travel purchases. Just like Amazon’s Alexa, you’ll talk to your BMW, and your BMW will talk back.


Just like it expanded in the 1970s to sell cars outside of Europe, the brand is looking to (once again) show everybody that they mean business. And like they do with most of their car models, they are not afraid to experiment. 

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