Northeast Columbia Fuel System Service

Among other services, Brown Motor Works in Northeast Columbia, SC provides its customers with fuel system services. Our experienced ASE-certified auto mechanics have the training, expertise and resources to accurately inspect, diagnose, and resolve pesky drivability challenges, like fuel systems. You deserve the best!

Brown Motor Works ensures its auto mechanics stay current with modern vehicle technologies and their control systems. Engines today have sophisticated fuel systems designed to provide just the right amount of fuel needed at just the right time that best matches road conditions and how you are driving. Over time, engine combustion leaves carbon deposits that can build up or clog up fuel injectors, intake valves, throttle bodies, fuel filters, sensors and other components. When you notice your vehicle is hard to start, idles rough, pings, hesitates, and “chugs” along — that’s your sign. Whether the root cause is the fuel system or some other vehicle system, count on Brown Motor Works to accurately assess your vehicle drivability issue, inform you beforehand so you can authorize the needed auto repair, and resolve the problem affordably and correctly, the first time. That’s our job; it’s what we do every day.

To better serve Northeast Columbia motorists now and in the future, Brown Motor Works’ team of auto mechanics take training bi-annually to update their fuel system and drivability service expertise in vehicle-specific fuel systems and other related components, such as ignition systems, emissions and exhaust, or engine management control. According to shop owner Keith Huggins, being service-ready directly benefits the shop’s customers and the relationship we have with them and their vehicles. That’s why Brown Motor Works ensures its auto technicians have the proper tools and equipment, access to ongoing education, and a work environment that is as safe and clean as our customer lobby. Customers of Brown Motor Works agree:

“The Brown Motor Works team explained everything they were doing in easy-to-understand terms, and communicated with me quickly and answered all my questions. Great service!” -- Vinnie L.

If you’ve noticed a drop in your vehicle’s fuel economy or any of the other fuel system symptoms noted above, let Brown Motor Works be your go-to shop of choice for safe and reliable transportation for you and your family. Whether you’re a first time visitor to our website or already a current client here in Northeast Columbia, Brown Motor Works wants to build a relationship that matters to you and your vehicle. So please call us, schedule an appointment online or visit us at 520 Clemson Road, Columbia, SC 29229, Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Let us serve you--you’ll be glad you did!


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