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What Does Gratitude for Your Car Look Like?

When we think of Thanksgiving, we might think of pilgrims and Native Americans around a table, holding hands and saying grace before they feasted together. In reality, the first Thanksgiving was only 400 years ago on November the 9th. It happened on the deck of the Mayflower, when the pilgrims saw the eastern shore of what would one day be Cape Cod. They read Psalm 100 together from the Bible to give thanks to God for the end of a harrowing, 65-day journey across the Atlantic.

Some will see Thanksgiving in terms of their life experience: the kids getting up early to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the giant family dinner, everyone gathered to pose for a photo, a roasted turkey big enough to feed the crowd, the ball game on later in the day, and everyone lying around in food comas from a glorious meal. We tend to think of the tradition of asking everyone around the dinner table to say what they are grateful for this year. This year? We’re grateful for you, our customers, for getting us through the worst months of pandemic.

Given the year we’ve just been through and the pandemic, many of our traditions will have to be let go. There may not be a parade, after all. COVID-19 outbreaks could limit the football. Some of us may not even be able to come for dinner, if we are in a vulnerable group that could die from exposure. it will likely be a lot different than we remember, and the moment where we each express our gratitude will likely be that much sweeter for it.

This year, your car got you through some very hard times. It provided you a safe, sterile space when you were first learning to wear a facemask to breath freely. It got you from place to place when you needed it and didn’t put you at risk. You relied on it, and it came through for you. What would gratitude for your car look like? What form would it take? At Brown Motor Works Northeast, we have a few suggestions.

The most obvious suggestion is to clean your car. While this sounds more like an aesthetic choice than a proactive one, cleaning your car has many different benefits. Cleaning inside-- a good detailing and vacuum of the floors, with a wipe of all the surfaces and carpet stains-- can clear out allergens and molds that form on stills, which keeps our own bodies healthier. Similarly, cleaning our cars on the outside-- washing them, waxing them, vacuuming out the leaves and debris in the engine-- prevents that dirt, grit and junk from winding up in the car’s crucial fluid systems. 

You can thank your car by giving it more rest. Learn to consolidate all your errands into one long errand, rather than constantly going out for things you need all week. Beyond saving you gas, it will also reduce the risk of getting into an accident from constant leaving and returning to the house.

When people cut us off in traffic or take advantage of our good driving, it can make us angry. And that anger can reduce our fitness as drivers. Try letting go of that anger as much as possible. Imagine that Fred Rodgers is in the car with you; would you curse or make obscene gestures? Let it go and be grateful you have remained safe, and your driving is more likely to BE safer. It also has the side benefit of making your car a place of peace rather than a place you associate negative emotions with.

All of these ideas work to save us money and to protect our cars. The more care we give, the better chance we have of extending the life of our vehicles. Stop by Brown Motor Works for all your auto maintenance and repair needs and to show your car the gratitude it deserves. Schedule an appointment today!


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