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Performance Issues? Let's Brown Motor Works Troubleshoot!

Photo by Luca David On Unsplash

Performance Issues? Let Brown Motor Works Troubleshoot!

There's a certain thrill in how a well-tuned BMW glides effortlessly on the roads of Columbia. However, even the most finely crafted machines can experience performance issues over time. When your vehicle's performance falters, it's essential to promptly identify and address the underlying problems. We'll explore standard performance problems vehicles face and how Brown Motor Works in Columbia is your go-to solution for diagnosing and resolving these issues.

Unraveling the Performance Puzzle

Many things could be affecting your BMW’s performance. Most commonly, we see the following as symptoms of a vehicle in need of help:


Decreased Fuel Efficiency. If you visit the gas station more frequently than usual, it might be due to a drop in fuel efficiency. This could stem from issues such as a clogged air filter, worn-out spark plugs, or a malfunctioning oxygen sensor.


Lack of Power. Feeling a lack of power when you accelerate? Various factors, including a faulty fuel injector, a compromised exhaust system, or engine compression issues, could cause this.


Rough Idling. A smooth idle is a sign of a healthy engine. If your vehicle is idling roughly or shaking, it could point to problems like a malfunctioning idle control valve, dirty fuel injectors, or even a vacuum leak.


Strange Noises. Weird noises from your vehicle can be concerning, so it's important to listen when you're driving. Some of us may be tempted to turn the radio volume up when a strange noise starts happening--we've seen the memes!--but it's important to listen in order to describe it to your tech. Squealing, rattling, or knocking sounds might indicate problems with the belts, exhaust system, or internal engine components. Of course, we'll take a listen to it when you bring it in. But knowing whether or not it's your car or a car nearby is the first step!


Dashboard Lights. All vehicles come equipped with sensors that can trigger warning lights on the dashboard. These lights may indicate issues such as a faulty catalytic converter, a malfunctioning oxygen sensor, or problems with the transmission. Sometimes, these sensors can indicate something rather easy to fix, such as your gas cap being off. However, consult your manual always and give us a call if you're unsure.

How Brown Motor Works Can Assist

At Brown Motor Works in Columbia, South Carolina, we understand that a vehicle's performance issues range from subtle nuisances to significant concerns. Our dedicated team of skilled ASE Certified techs is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and resolve these problems effectively. 


Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools enable us to accurately pinpoint the root cause of your vehicle's performance issues, saving you time and money. With years of experience under their belts, our technicians have encountered a wide range of performance problems. Their expertise allows them to tackle issues efficiently and provide reliable solutions.

Performance Issues? We Can Help Diagnose! 

Trust the expertise of Brown Motor Works in Columbia, South Carolina, to troubleshoot and resolve any performance issues your vehicle may be facing. Brown Motor Works Northeast is located at 520 Clemson Rd., Columbia, SC 29229, but you can also schedule an appointment online. And don't forget to Like us on Facebook for news and updates. We specialize in BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Mini Coopers, so you can feel confident your vehicle is in good hands with our highly skilled technicians.


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