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New Year’s Resolutions: Breaking Bad Driving Habits

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, any changes that will improve your safety should be at, or near, the top. Driving habits develop over time, which means that they can be difficult to change. That doesn’t mean you can’t change them, but it will require a firm commitment. We will get you started off with some of the most important driving habits to conquer.

  1. Slow down! Give yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go. You think you’re saving yourself time, but think of how often you blow past someone at a stoplight only to find them catching up to you at the next one. 
  2. Come to a complete stop. Don’t run red lights or roll through stop signs. You never know what might be coming at you. 
  3. Watch out for your blind spots. Make sure you know your vehicle’s blind spots and make sure to account for the time and effort you’ll need to be able to safely change lanes.
  4. Leave your phone out of reach. Put it in the glove box or back seat.
  5. Set your GPS before pulling out of the driveway. 
  6. Don’t be an aggressive driver. 
  7. Road rage not only drives up your blood pressure, it can also lead to disastrous outcomes. You never know what people will do let alone we all know that road rage can lead to accidents. 
  8. Preventive maintenance matters. Instead of going thousands of miles over on an oil change, get it done regularly. All preventive maintenance services contribute to a longer auto life as well as increased performance.

If this seems too overwhelming, choose the one that will keep you and others the safest and start there. Remember that it took you this long to create that bad habit, so be kind to yourself while making changes, but also stick to your guns! Let us help you with the preventive maintenance part of the challenge. We love partnering with our clients to not only get the most out of your vehicle, but to help keep you safe as well! Stop by Brown Motor Works for all your auto maintenance and repair needs. Schedule an appointment today!


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