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Keeping Everyone Safe in the School Zone

While going back to school this year without COVID-19 contained is a risky situation, there will undoubtedly be a part of the population who is eager for things to return to normal. That being said, much of the country’s children will be returning to school through distance learning online. No matter what your children’s schools choose to do, read on for some tips on how to keep everyone safe back in the school zone!
Before you can do anything, you’ll need to find out what your child’s school is doing. Not everyone will be comfortable with returning their children to school in person, but your child’s school district should have a plan in motion for distance learning. If your school has plans for when they want to open back up, you’ll have to decide what risks are acceptable for you and your loved ones. The course most parents and educators have used is to prepare for an extended social distancing school year.
Regardless of where your kids will be learning, ensure they have a proper understanding of their hygiene and social distancing practices. They should learn how to properly wash and sanitize their hands, and get used to using a mask for extended periods of time. Actively work with your kids on remembering and practicing social distancing guidelines, along with why they’re important.
Having a plan in case you, your child, or someone else in your family gets sick is imperative to keeping safe during this pandemic. If you get sick, make sure you have an option for where your kids can stay without risk of catching the virus while you recover. Keep fully stocked on all your normal sickness necessities: tissues, fluids, medication, and soups and broths. This will go a long way in easing your burden if it happens.
Just like you, your kids could use some extra support during this pandemic. Being cooped up at home all summer and now during the schoolyear will absolutely be jarring. There will be an acclimation period, which is the perfect time to check in with your kids and see how they’re coping. Some extra love, support, and encouragement will go a long way towards helping them feel better, along with teaching them ways to vent or work through their pent up emotions and feelings.
Lastly, the easiest way to stay safe during back to school is to shelter-in-place if you’re able to, and socially distance if not. If you do contract COVID-19, contact everyone you’ve come into contact with during the last 2 weeks so they can self-quarantine and get tested too. 

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