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Is August Really the Best Time to Buy a New Car?

Many people think that December is the best time of year, but according to the hard numbers, it’s August. This is the time of year when the new models are being introduced and dealerships are making room for the new inventory. Dealers spend a lot of marketing dollars to advertise great incentives at year end, but not in August, and that is why there’s a misconception that December is the best month to buy your new vehicle. 


The new models aren’t on the lots yet in August, but the dealerships are making way for when they arrive which is usually in October, sometimes in as early as September. This is also a good time to put in your special requests for those new models if that’s what you’re after. The lowest transaction prices combined with the best incentives is what makes August the best time to buy a new car. 


Other recommendations on how to save when buying a new car: 


  • The first two days of any month can save you an average of 1.3%


  • Sundays can save up a potential 4.6% 


Don’t rely on any one blog post or article to convince you. There are always exceptions to the rules. Make sure to do your own homework and make the decision that’s truly best for you and your unique situation. The stats listed above are based on average car prices, so if you’re looking for a MINI, Lexus, Mercedes, or BMW, you might find some differences, but the basics should hold true. Those dealerships are also working to make room for the latest models just like the rest of them.   

If you are looking into purchasing a MINI, BMW, Lexus, or Mercedes and you’d like some help deciding on the best new vehicle for you and your needs, the Brown Motor Works team is here to help! Once you’ve made the purchase, we’d love to partner with you on getting the most out of your special new car. We specialize in those four models and are passionate about keeping them happily running along the streets of Columbia and beyond. Schedule an appointment today with the pros at Brown Motor Works. See you soon!


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