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How to Pack a Perfect Picnic Lunch

Summer is the perfect time for picnics. The grass is nice and green, the weather is warm, and the birds are singing. Packing a picnic lunch often seems like a game of Tetris and requires some preparation in order for it to be perfect. Here is a guide to packing the perfect picnic and don’t forget to pack a blanket. 

First, you’ll need a blanket to sit on, it’s best to get a blanket with a waterproof side to avoid getting your legs damp from sitting. A classic wicker basket is very aesthetic but doesn’t do the best job of keeping your food cold. Consider using an insulated cooler bag to help keep your food safe. If you don’t have an insulated bag don’t panic, freeze a couple of water bottles to store in your bag. They will keep your food cold and then you will have water afterward. With the warm weather out you won’t want to eat food that has been sitting in the sun for hours. 

The food is the most important part of the picnic. Prepare your food ahead of time so you don’t get stuck trying to cut watermelon on a paper plate with a plastic knife. Pack the food you are bringing in reusable containers that seal. It will prevent any spills from happening during transportation and avoid soggy sandwiches. Finger foods are the way to go, it’s easy to pick up a slice of watermelon or dip a chip into hummus. Pasta salads are great but can be challenging to dish out. A neat trick to packing the perfect picnic lunch is to keep finger food to 75% of the meal and 25% of food you eat with a fork. 

Don’t forget to pack the essentials. Instead of a package of napkins that the wind can easily take, bring a roll of paper towels. Even if you don’t plan to drink any alcohol it’s always handy to bring a bottle opener in case others forget one. When packing the plates and utensils don’t forget to pack glasses, everyone always forgets to pack glasses. Include a real knife with your utensils, it will come in handy. 

Avoid pesky critters and bugs with some bug spray. If you don’t like the smell of bug spray there are different types of repellents you can get instead like a bug spray bracelet. Nothing ruins a picnic than swatting mosquitoes away while trying to enjoy a meal. 

Lastly, don’t forget to pack a trash bag. Leave the place cleaner than when you found it. Keep the park clean and trash free. You can tie it around a tree or bench so it doesn’t blow off. Now that you know how to pack the perfect picnic you can start planning places to go and enjoy lunch with a nice view. Schedule an appointment today to get your vehicle warm-weather ready with the pros at Brown Motor Works. See you soon!



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