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Driving in Columbia During the Winter

When many people think of winter, it often comes to mind tons of snow and ice, but that’s not necessarily the case for Columbia. More often than not, our weather is cool and wet. It’s important to be prepared for the climate you’re living in, and there are some specific ways to be best prepared for what Columbia weather provides.
Making sure you’re taking the right precautions include good preventive maintenance and the right equipment to keep you and your car safe. 

1. Tires
Making sure your tires remain in working condition include checking your treads. If your tires are balding, you’re not going to be able to maintain proper traction on a good weather day, let alone when it’s raining or even on the rare days it’s icy and snowy. If the forecast for the winter is looking like it’s going to be more icy/snowy than usual, you may want to consider switching out your all-season tires for winter tires that are going to best prepare you for driving in more hazardous weather conditions. Another way to help make sure your tires are ready to keep you safe is to rotate them regularly to maintain even wearing on all of your tires.

2. Windshield Wipers
If your windshield wipers are just smearing and not actually clearing debris or rain, it is definitely time to swap them out. It’s a good thing to change them out at the beginning of our wetter weather than to find yourself needing new ones during a storm.

3. Adjust your driving
Making sure you are adjusting your driving habits for the weather is going to also help provide you with the peace of mind you need to stay safe. Ensure that your following distance is further behind than recommended in conditions such as heavy rain, ice, or snow. This also includes slowing down and breaking slowly, these will help avoid skidding and hydroplaning.All in all, listen to the weather, be prepared, and drive safely this winter season.
Make sure all of your preventive maintenance is up to date to minimize the likelihood of breaking down at an inopportune time, which is usually any time! Not only will that help you stay safe this winter, but it will also help you get the most out of your vehicle for as long as possible. Stop by Brown Motor Works for all your auto maintenance and repair needs. Schedule an appointment today!



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