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Preparing For The New Year

We made it! Welcome to December. After months of COVID19 running everything, fear, and a hotly-contested election, we are finally nearing the end of this terrible, remarkable year. There’s just 31 days until this terrible year is finally behind us and we can all concentrate on 2021.

But the year ahead looks foreboding. We’re facing a recession. We still don’t have a COVID19 vaccine in the poorest quarters, and until we do, we’re still facing this pandemic getting in the way of business and safe living. 2021 is uncertain for anyone who has to work to support themselves or their family. Young people planning weddings will have to decide to either make their weddings smaller, risk their being cancelled, or postponing them for a year, maybe more.

Rather than wallow in the doom and gloom, we need to take the best things that came out of this past summer-- our resourcefulness, our genuine concern for each other-- and build on these things in 2021. For instance: we can take vacations, still. But theme parks and sports events will have to wait. We must plan our fun closer to home, with smaller crowds to contend with, if we want to have a great time without risking losing our deposits due to our plans conflicting with COVID19 issues.

Right now, the best work we can do is at home, within our own families. The constant disappointments of not being able to go and do the things we used to do is backing up on us a little. We need to build on our core relationships and remind each other that we’re going to get through this together, someday, and miss the time Mom and Dad worked from home for a year.

And that’s the core of the message here: we need to give each other a sense of optimism about 2021, even as we know things won’t likely go our way most of the time. Together, we can all get through this.

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