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How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for a Road Trip

Getting yourself ready for a road trip is one thing, getting your vehicle prepared for a road trip is a whole other story. You pack your sunscreen, lotion, a first aid kit to help prevent things like a sunburn. Your vehicle has similar needs like a pre-trip check-up, oil change, and most importantly an emergency kit. No matter how many precautions and vehicle maintenance you have done before your trip, it's not a guarantee that car troubles won’t happen. That doesn’t mean a pre-trip checkup isn’t worthwhile. You should prepare yourself for any situation that might occur during a road trip. 

You’ve packed luggage for yourself many times before, but it’s essential to pack some extras when traveling by car. Having a roadside emergency kit stocked full and ready to use if an unexpected break down happens makes things less stressful. Here are some things you should include in your emergency kit: At the bare minimum have a blanket, flashlight (make sure there are fresh batteries), and some food and water. 

Your emergency kit shouldn’t stop there; what if you blow a tire and are you prepared to jump your car if needed? Keep a set of jumper cables in your kit or a battery jumper but remember to fully charge it before hitting the road. The battery jumper can also charge computers and phones. Make sure also to have a car jack, spare tire, and the tool to put it on.
It’s best to keep a copy of your vehicle's warranty, insurance and contact information for your roadside assistance easily accessible like the glove box. Even if you have that information on your phone, it’s always good to keep it written down in case your phone battery dies. Store your emergency contact information in a spill and damage proof bag. Another great tip is to bring a set of spare keys and keep them in your vehicle in case you lose your keys. 

Some other things to include in your emergency kit is extra fluids. Pack at least a quart of motor oil, a gallon of coolant, and washer fluid so you can refill your fluids as needed. If you need to pull over and assess your vehicle, make sure to pack triangle reflectors and flares. It will help other drivers see you on the side of the road. 

Bring a tire pressure gauge and occasionally check your tires when you are at a stop; it’s not good to drive on tires that are low on air as in decreases both fuel efficiency and even road grip. A tool kit with necessary tools like a screwdriver, plier, wrench, and a pocket knife is also smart to keep in your emergency kit. Lastly, always have your first-aid kit fully stocked. 

Nothing ruins a road trip faster than car troubles. By using these pre-trip precaution tips, it will significantly reduce that likelihood. Brown Motor Works would love to help keep your trip running smoothly along. Schedule an appointment today to get your vehicle road-trip ready. You’ll be glad you did. Happy road-tripping!


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